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Stan Davis: Music

Out of This World

01 Rolling Hills

02 A Freakin' Flying Saucer

03 He Talked to Me

04 Taking Command

05 Out of This World

06 What Did You See

07 Watch Out for Communists

08 Cinematography Stars

09 We Did Not See a Flying Saucer

10 I Had to Try

11 Stand Up for Your Country

12 They Stole a Jeep

13 Believe

14 He Should Have Been Dead

15 Make a Killing

16 Keep the Faith

17 I Gotta Move It

18 I Need a Secret

19 Telepathy Waltz

20 You're Not the Same Man

21 Ichigo Ichie

22 Gotta Git Along

23 Come Away

24 Debunk Flying Saucers

25 We All Need to Love Each Other

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